AUO Commercializes Seamless Tiled ALED® Displays, Enhancing Cross-domain Abilities to Create Premium Immersive Home Cinema

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Showcase of Advanced Display Technology Integration and Application Capabilities for Accelerating Entry into Vertical Markets and High-end Audiovisual Opportunities

AUO Corporation (AUO) will showcase its advanced ALED commercial display at the Touch Taiwan 2023 Display International Exhibition, held from April 19 to 21, 2023, at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. In cross-domain collaborations with the film and television industry, AUO is relentlessly utilizing ALED display technologies to create premium immersive home cinemas that offer audiences the ultimate, exquisite audio-visual entertainment experiences. With years of accumulated integrating capabilities in forward-looking display technology and image processing, AUO ALED display utilizes fine-pitch seamless tiling technology that is infinitely extendable to overcome size restrictions, satisfying the needs of various shapes and sizes in display requirements, elevating conventional displays into becoming extended mediums that can inspire innovations and creativity.

  • AUO Advances ALED® Seamless Tiled Displays to Satisfy Diverse Commercial Demands with Easy Installation and Swift Maintenance

AUO ALED display features high pixel density, high color gamut, high brightness, and high resolution; and is capable of producing smooth image details and vibrant, lifelike color contrasts that leave audiences in awe. Moreover, the ALED display is customizable to meet various shapes and sizes based on the customer’s requirements. It can be flexibly installed in diverse scenario usages, capable of seamless tiling to present high-quality visual experiences even on 90-degree angled walls.

To accelerate the promotion and layout of commercial applications, AUO collaborates closely with stage equipment manufacturers and systems integration suppliers to continuously optimize the product design for ALED display modules, providing easier installation and module protection to minimize damage risks during transportation. The AUO ALED display is suitable for a wide range of applications, including retail, situation rooms, museums, planetariums, entertainment venues, and large concerts, where it plays a crucial role in presenting stunning visual effects; its modular design assists onsite personnel to install, disassemble, replace and, maintenance modules swiftly, adaptively meeting the pressing needs in various scenarios.

  • AUO Integrates Exclusive A.R.T. Advanced Reflectionless Technology, Creating Premium ALED® Home Cinema through Cross-domain Collaboration

AUO is constantly developing breakthrough advanced display technologies and performing in-depth explorations of potential applications in various fields. Instantaneously, AUO deeply enters into cross-domain cooperation with the film and television industry by working with HD.Club, an association of content creators, professionals, and enthusiasts dedicated to top-quality high-end media entertainment. With their profound understanding of the high-end home cinema market and opportunities in the realm of high-definition video creation and media entertainment, AUO creates the next-generation top-level flagship ALED premium home cinema for display.

The AUO ALED® Premium Home Cinema features a 163-inch ALED display integrated with AUO exclusive A.R.T. advanced reflectionless technology, achieving exceptional display effects of true black and minimal reflection. Unlike traditional displays or projectors used in home theaters, it is unaffected by ambient light even in bright environments or indoors with full-length windows; it is capable of producing bright, exquisite, delicate, and smooth high-definition images. Additionally, AUO ALED displays feature seamless, unlimited display extension, and various forms of tiling, meeting the diverse requirements of customized home cinema and becoming the optimal choice for creating immersive visual experiences. The display offers HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology, providing rich colors for high-quality images, highlighting precise details in bright and dark areas, and presenting realistic, delicate, and lifelike movie images; combined with a 16-channel audio system, together creates audiences with the ultimate immersive viewing experience.

  • AUO Gaming Display: Supporting Gamers with Breakthrough Curved, Ultra-high Refresh Rate Technology

Facing the ultimate pursuit of extreme image requirements by professional gamers around the globe, AUO continues to surpass its technologies by relying on high refresh rates, high resolution, and unique curvature designs to become gamers’ best assist in the display field.

In order to satisfy the needs of real-time strategy (RTS) gamers, AUO unveils the “49-inch Ultra-wide 5K 360Hz Curved Gaming Display” at the exhibition. With its 32:9 ultra-wide display and R1000 curvature, it creates the complete immersive gaming experience for gamers. Furthermore, through its exquisite 5K high-resolution display capabilities and native VA contrast ratio of 5000:1, it achieves the ultimate contrast performance, demonstrating unrivaled advantages in dark scene games and ushering gamers fully into the gaming world. In response to professional eSports players’ strong demand for smooth, uninterrupted dynamic image quality, AUO showcases the world's highest(*) refresh rate, the “24-inch FHD 540Hz Ultra-fast Gaming Display Panel”, which is underpinned by the designing concepts of screen quality and high response speed, increasing the refresh rate to 540Hz, and supporting dynamic refresh rate adjustment to eliminate screen tearing, stuttering, and ghosting issues perfectly; enhancing the gaming win-rates, offering gamers unprecedented, ultimately smooth gaming experience.

During the exhibition, the 2023 Display Innovation Taiwan Conference will be held; on April 19, Dr. Wei-Lung Liau, Chief Technology Officer of AUO Corporation, will attend the International Smart Display Application Conference and deliver a speech on “Cross-domain Innovation Advances the Next Generation of Display Technology and Applications”. We cordially invite you to join us at Touch Taiwan 2023 and experience the infinite possibilities brought by AUO's innovative display technology and field application solutions.

*Based on the available market research information as of April 17, 2023.

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